What is the Process?
Through careful analyses and meetings, Second Nature Design develops specific solutions that combine your desires for the landscape with what it can support. We begin by measuring the areas and making a map. Next we analyze the site’s existing conditions, its uses and functions, combine those findings with what you have in mind, and develop the Concept Plan. We meet to review the Concept Plan until it becomes the drawn expression of your desires in concert with the realistic possibilities of the site. Site Plans and Planting Plans are the more technical set of drawings that follow and are what the contractor bids and works from.

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How Long Will It Take?
Depending upon the complexity of the project, the design phase takes from three weeks to several months. Your availability and involvement in the process are important factors as we work together.

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Once the Design is Finished, Then What?
To ensure the integrity of the design, Second Nature Design offers Project Coordination during the construction phase. We have developed working relationships with some of the industry’s most talented landscape contractors, woodworkers, arborists, building material suppliers and specialty nurseries/plant sources. Additionally, we are happy to take you shopping for garden elements, furniture, and other details that complete the job.