Vine and Dine

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The busy PR executive with a culinary background wants outdoor areas complimentary to his gracious home for entertaining, relaxing, and casual gardening.
Design Challenge
A huge expanse of brick driveway leading to formal box-hedge ovals,decomposed granite pathways, and central fountain fill the area.The front
garden’s roses are unhappy in their northern exposure beneath the sycamores.
Design Solution
Hand-wrought, sculptures, mosaic table, water wall, and fire pit define the rooms which are linked by inviting pathways. A cutting garden is alive with butterflies and pollinators. In front, plants that complement the home’s architecture and colors offer a true sense of welcome.          
“The garden captures all my moods, from the den when I want to read, to the bounty of flowers when I want to decorate. I love the happy dining room. And the few steps over to pick strawberries and lettuces are just right,” the client.



Dining Room
Cutting Garden

Photographs by Ken Gutmaker, Mike Koozmin, Alma Hecht

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