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Harmony Commons
A fence divides neighboring garden. The wind blows down the fence. The idea of the friendship gate expands into the friendship fence-it is eliminated. The properties are joined; interests are mingled; enjoyment is doubled.

Design Challenge
Elevation changes between the two yards; lack of connection and safe paths. One house's massive deck and stairs above gobble sun and space. One house's tiny deck and rotting stairs rise above a cracked concrete slab. Weeds abound. The sporty couple and basketball playing daughter need recreation opportunities. The mother wants to garden and relax.

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Design Solution
The concrete is broken into urbanite chunks for a retaining/sitting wall. Easy paths lead from garden to garden. The massive deck is diminished; spiral stairs land gracefully in the heart of the contemplation/gardening space. The small deck is expanded, its stairs reconfigured. A lay-up size basketball court is introduced. Weeds are replaced with native plants to attract birds and butterflies, scents and color.


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