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Just recently a client and I had so much fun designing and installing her garden that she asked me if I could move inside and help her create “a new home.” Of course I could and I did.

I have been redesigning interiors for decades. It started at seven when we were on a family vacation and I masterfully redecorated my hotel room, down to new artwork—a girl should always travel with crayons.

In San Francisco with space so tight, merging interiors with exteriors makes perfect sense. My years of experience with sustainable landscape design coupled with my training in fine arts offers an exciting indoor/outdoor option for every size and shape of home - and garden. I invite you to visit me at my home and experience how my interior design studio connects wonderfully with my outdoor gardens.

I can work with you to renovate or redecorate your entire home or selected rooms. Watch me discover under utilized spaces, develop color palettes, and even design and fabricate furniture and art. I’ll take you shopping and introduce you to some magical local stores. Staging installations for rentals or homes for sale is another of my skills.

Here are a few links to articles about my own home and demonstration garden.

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